Finishing UFO's

I am trying to get back at finishing an old project that was first started a few years ago and was put together and started again a couple of years ago. It is being done by QAYG using the column method by Nancy Zieman. I got back into it about a week or so ago and have another column and the second border now attached. I am calling it "The Lovers Trail"as it will be a wedding quilt.

Quite sometime has gone by since I got this project out but I found I had to do a lot of hand quilting yet and I have had some carpel tunnel problems over the past year and have not recovered from the surgery sufficiently to take on the remaining hand quilting. In general I have left the hand quilting behind but since this quilt was started this way I need to complete it by hand. My decision was to leave it for the winter months.

Two projects that I finished this past week:  The first is an idea that came from Craftsy. I have not named these projects as yet.

Meanwhile I have finished up another 3 projects. I must now photograph them and post them here.