Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Rose Dream is progressing along on the new Artistic Janome

Progress is being made but its going pretty slowly.It is probably that I need to gain more confidence.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Improving FMQ and Use of Rulers.

Above is the completed practice piece project, Below was from a day or so ago.

It has only been a few days since  got my new machine and I am having a lot of fun practicing  and getting to know the machine, so far so good.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Trial run on the new Artistic SD

It seemed a little like driving the old standard shift for the first time but I soon settled down and felt comfortable and at ease and I am sure my next attempt  will go more quickly. This was also my first attempt st ruler work but I am looking forward to doing much more.

Grandma is on the move again

 Two days ago, a lovely new Artistic SD arrived.
My new sewing room has been reorganized and my new Artistic SD machine has been added. The quilt above  is one that is in line to do as soon as I have had time to have some practice with this new toy.. I still dearly love my Janome 8900 though.

This is a scrap  quilt that I  recently finished using my Janome. It is destined to be a charity quilt.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

A Visit to My Dining Room Gallery

My Dining Room Gallery
This little guy was just completed a few days ago and will be added shortly to the display.

Finishing UFO's

I am trying to get back at finishing an old project that was first started a few years ago and was put together and started again a couple of years ago. It is being done by QAYG using the column method by Nancy Zieman. I got back into it about a week or so ago and have another column and the second border now attached. I am calling it "The Lovers Trail"as it will be a wedding quilt.

Quite sometime has gone by since I got this project out but I found I had to do a lot of hand quilting yet and I have had some carpel tunnel problems over the past year and have not recovered from the surgery sufficiently to take on the remaining hand quilting. In general I have left the hand quilting behind but since this quilt was started this way I need to complete it by hand. My decision was to leave it for the winter months.

Two projects that I finished this past week:  The first is an idea that came from Craftsy. I have not named these projects as yet.

Meanwhile I have finished up another 3 projects. I must now photograph them and post them here.

The Orphanage is Complete

The Orphanage  has been complete from a few months now but I got behind on my blogging. Trying to get back at it. I moved house and lost a cable to connect to my camera and had to find a different system.....hard to keep up with changing technology.
The Orphanage