Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Art Projects 2012-13

My first Art Piece
Sunflower Delight
My first attempt at Quilt Art. I have called it "Sunflower Delight". I have used various free motion designs with metallic and variegated  threads, corded twisted wool. braid and rick rack and the addition of some buttons. I drew the pattern onto freezer paper then cut the fabric pieces.  (Feb.2013)

I was inspired to this piece of art by a watercolour painting that I did a couple of years ago . I took a piece of freezer paper and drew out a design then cut it out and used it to cut out my fabric.
The pieces went together quite quickly. I glued them to a light interfacing as a stabalizer for the machine embroidery.  

It's a Journey!
Auditioning party. What costume should I wear? This little piece started as a improvo practice piece and is now moving on to new things. At this point nothing is sure. We wait to see. Come visit again and see what becomes of me.
"Faith, Hope, Charity".....a new piece in process on my all too small designer board. Still has to be quilted and a couple items adjusted but it is coming along.

Monday, 7 July 2014

A Facebook group Started

I had been working on a bargello but got a bit bogged down with it. I wanted to add some butterflies but wasn't feeling like that at the moment so I have put this on hold for a while.
Then I got involved in starting a new facebook Quilting group called Improv.Quilting/Permission to play. Sound like fun. Join us.
. I have found that delving into improv has helped me be more creative and more willing to step out, dive in.

June/ July Project called "The Orphanage"

I collected all my orphan and practice blocks together and began to how to put it together into something of interest.

July 7, 2014
It is now almost put together,

My First Bargello

This project is now on hold

as my creativity seems to have hit a block for now.

July 7 2014
I haven't taken a picture yet but it has been sewn together, I now want to make some butterflies to applique on. Need a break, will leave as a UFO.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Following up on Jan.18th Blog

I seem to be having a creative block or something when it comes to the project that I started back in Jan, and it is probably due to the fact that my creativity is going in way too many directions and too many UFO's, all of which are sort of that are the "create as you go" kind. I suppose there are more of you out there who are like this and can identify. Anyway the Jan. yet unnamed project is on hold.....for now!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

What will I do next?

Well as I near the end of Wonky Stars, I am pondering what to do next. Will I finish some of those  UFO's or will I try something new but then I am being tempted to trying some more art pieces also. Oh my. So many diverse, interesting things to try and so few hours available in a day.
Well I don't have to decide today. I may decide to finish off one smaller project then go onto something new. Meanwhile I will browse through all my fellow bloggers blogs as well Pinterest and see what inspires me. Take a look at my blogger list to the right. They are a great bunch.
And since I likely forgot this earlier....Have a Happy New  Year Everyone!!!

Well yesterday after a lot of meandering around Pinterest and other blogs, I finally had a pattern that was developing in my mind that had been inspired by some others. It was a combination of ideas and although I haven't actually drawn it up on paper yet, I do know the size of my blocks and feel confident about stepping out in faith that it will all come together enough that I have actually cut a few blocks. I haven't come up with a name yet but it is in the "Modern" category
A few of the fabrics to choose from.

The background fabric here is a soft grey and the colours are very vibrant. I have no design board so I have just laid the blocks on the background. The blocks will be randomly placed but with lots of background showing. Maybe I should call it Modern Geometry and add a few circles. ????

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Quilt Presentation

I completed this quilt in the fall of 2010 and on Nov.9th, 2013 it was finally presented to our second son on his wedding day...at age 46 and yes a first time marriage.   Bears Paw in the Cabin

The Quilt Story

This quilt has quite a story. It was intended to be a wedding quilt for our second son even though there were no prospects at the time. It was about 1997 or 98. With a move ahead of us, the quilt was put away and remained away as the workspace in the new home was very limiting. Sometime after we moved to Cambridge in the summer of 2005, probably into 2006, the quilting bug hit me again and I got out his quilt to work on again. After a bit, I ran in to some difficulty in the piecing and being a little discouraged I again put it away since he still had no marriage prospects.

 Finally in the fall of 2010, I made the decision to get back at it as I began to think that he should get his quilt even he never married and so I started the process of hand quilting this quilt on a frame in our kitchen. In order to have my kitchen back, I worked morning, afternoon and evening nearly daily except Sunday and finished it in about 3 weeks.
He finally met his future wife the next year and it was presented to him at the wedding reception, on his wedding day, Nov.9, 2013.

Finally in its new home.