Time Out to Organize

Its high time that I reorganized things.  I am sure that all of us need to do this from time to time. I have read the articles on how to organize ones quilting space but I find it a difficult task. Firstly I am forced by limitations of space to have to use my kitchen as a sewing room. I remember my grandmother saying ``A place for everything and everything in its place`` and  I reply but grandma I don`t have a place for everything`.
Anyway I am working away at it and one nice thing is that you find things that you had forgotten you had and I know that when this job is complete, it will  re energize me. Maybe for awhile I will be able to find things. I am working on disciplining myself to put things were they belong. The seam ripper back to his spot, scissors in her spot etc. etc.
This Grandma is itching to move on to some of the new things she has been dreaming of. TTYL.


  1. Good luck! My things are never exactly where they are supposed to be. I've just started doing little tricks like connecting a big pink string on my scissors to make them easier to see. :)

  2. When you figure out the space thing....let us ALL know!


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