Quilt Presentation

I completed this quilt in the fall of 2010 and on Nov.9th, 2013 it was finally presented to our second son on his wedding day...at age 46 and yes a first time marriage.   Bears Paw in the Cabin

The Quilt Story

This quilt has quite a story. It was intended to be a wedding quilt for our second son even though there were no prospects at the time. It was about 1997 or 98. With a move ahead of us, the quilt was put away and remained away as the workspace in the new home was very limiting. Sometime after we moved to Cambridge in the summer of 2005, probably into 2006, the quilting bug hit me again and I got out his quilt to work on again. After a bit, I ran in to some difficulty in the piecing and being a little discouraged I again put it away since he still had no marriage prospects.

 Finally in the fall of 2010, I made the decision to get back at it as I began to think that he should get his quilt even he never married and so I started the process of hand quilting this quilt on a frame in our kitchen. In order to have my kitchen back, I worked morning, afternoon and evening nearly daily except Sunday and finished it in about 3 weeks.
He finally met his future wife the next year and it was presented to him at the wedding reception, on his wedding day, Nov.9, 2013.

Finally in its new home.


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