What will I do next?

Well as I near the end of Wonky Stars, I am pondering what to do next. Will I finish some of those  UFO's or will I try something new but then I am being tempted to trying some more art pieces also. Oh my. So many diverse, interesting things to try and so few hours available in a day.
Well I don't have to decide today. I may decide to finish off one smaller project then go onto something new. Meanwhile I will browse through all my fellow bloggers blogs as well Pinterest and see what inspires me. Take a look at my blogger list to the right. They are a great bunch.
And since I likely forgot this earlier....Have a Happy New  Year Everyone!!!

Well yesterday after a lot of meandering around Pinterest and other blogs, I finally had a pattern that was developing in my mind that had been inspired by some others. It was a combination of ideas and although I haven't actually drawn it up on paper yet, I do know the size of my blocks and feel confident about stepping out in faith that it will all come together enough that I have actually cut a few blocks. I haven't come up with a name yet but it is in the "Modern" category
A few of the fabrics to choose from.

The background fabric here is a soft grey and the colours are very vibrant. I have no design board so I have just laid the blocks on the background. The blocks will be randomly placed but with lots of background showing. Maybe I should call it Modern Geometry and add a few circles. ????