July 23/2013 Learning something new.... yeah Using Inktense Pencils

Practicing my drawing

I drew 3 hummingbirds in my journal this aft.  Using a journal I find to be very helpful .I often just doodle in it. But already it was used to get my first two art projects off the ground.
July 24
I have been reading about Inktense pencils and how to use them. I love to draw so I am looking forward to what I can do in my little art projects. I think I am getting braver and hoping I can step outside the box. Since my birthday is this coming Monday, my husband went out and got me a set of pencils...a little early but I didn't mind. LOL
This is a canvas board and I plan on mounting the tulip  piece on it, just for a little variety after it is quilted.
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Beginning a piece using the Inktense pencil

About ready to start to quilt the background....did a dragon fly in some colourful thread. Aug.2/13

Aug. 18 Update
Well the canvas didn't work out as it was a cheap one and was really uneven and warped so ended up removing the work and coming up with another plan,                                                                                                                  
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Tried using the canvas board but it was too warped

Project completed!!

What did I learn about  using Inktense Pencils?  I learned that you should put a paper towel behind the work to absorb up any extra wetness from the water and that in order to blend the colours and keep the colours within your chosen field that it is best to use a fabric medium.  But I will say that I am getting a lot of enjoyment  from them.                                                                                                                                                                                      



  1. I love inktense pencils! They are so rich and smooth. Your birds are lovely!

  2. Thanks. I just drew them in the journal and used regular coloured pencils just to get an idea in order to save the more expensive ones to use on fabric.


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