Diary of my Project called "Family Ties"


My  project was started on Feb. 22/13. It is a large Queens sized quilt called "Family Ties".

Since  I had such success with my last quilt that I did with the Quilt as you go method, I decided to try this again,
The first block with the  added "Ties"

Choosing the fabrics

I chose to do the quilt in 3 sections then add the borders. Each block was 10.5" so I attached the first row to a second row to complete the first section, then I machine quilted it. Having completed the first section, I proceeded to attach the batting (second section) first with tape initially then did a zig zag stitch to hold it fast The next step was to attach the front of the second section , front to front of the first section. After pinning this in section I attached the back (front sides facing)  After sewing them (3 layers);
Quilting a section then attaching to a second section, quilting it  and so on.
the top and back were flipped over encasing the batting, The second section was then quilted and the process repeated for the third section.
One important step at this point was to be sure and square everything up, Each block was initially squared up before joining as well.

 It is now May 16th but the project has been sitting for a few days since my son, wife, and new grand daughter are visiting with us. I did manage however to get a little done today preparing the borders  and starting the marking of one side. My plan is to attach the batting and the front and back border as I did for the main body. I will do both the long sides first then the top and bottom. It will then be down to cutting and attaching the binding.
Full view of the quilt before borders are added

Close up to show the quilting design

Back of the Quilt...a little modern touch

It is now May 18th and I took the 3  photos above and I have had it finished to this point for about 2 weeks but as i mentioned we have had our family with  and I just didn't get much sewing done. LOL   oops did't know how to control the sizing of photo so its a bit distorted.

I will now post this. I have the borders cut and have one side marked and ready to go so I hope I will get more time to work on it this week (visitors are on their way back home).

So the next step is attach the quilt batt for the first side then sew on the front and back of the side border.It is already marked and ready to be quilted. The border quilting is a linked chain representing the bond between two families. In the corners the link forms a heart representing love, It is not only a love of family but also a love by a common faith and trust in in our Lord Jesus Christ.

May 30th Update

This week I started working on attaching and quilting the second side border. In the beginning it appeared  to be going well but as I was nearing the end I realized that it was going askew. Rats! I was about to cry. I ended up having to rip out all the quilting  and the side border seams and resew them. This time I proceeded with the greatest of care and when it was completed I  used spray adhesive to adhere both back and front to the batt.
Once I was confident that all was smoothly in place then I proceeded to make several copies of the quilting design that I had drawn up, putting them onto freezer paper and cutting them out then ironing them into place on the border. Then I was able to follow  the design using FMQ.  This whole process went quite quickly and smoothly, second time around

Project Completed on June 26/13

The recipient of this quilt was quite unawares that she was the one  for whom it was created  although she had seen pictures of it that I had posted. Today I posted it while she was on FB (in the Philippines). I think she is still in a state of disbelief.

On Nov.9th, 2013 on the eve of our sons wedding, we presented the elder sister of our new DIL to be,  and all the way from the Philippines,  with this  quilt a reminder of the tie between our families.
Now in its new home in Manila, Philippines


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